Monday, March 4, 2013

Chalk Up Another "W" For Predictions

Today, I stand vindicated on Joe Flacco's contract negotiations. Just today, the NFL reported that Flacco's guaranteed amount over this 6 year deal is 52 million, barely within the 15% range I allotted for a 6 year deal.

Honestly, I thought Flacco's agent would have been able to get a better deal out of the Ravens. And while the headline number (120 million) seems impressive, the only thing that matters is the guaranteed amount because player contracts can get shredded or renegotiated to avoid balloon payments if the player doesn't pan out.

This puts me at 2 right, 1 wrong with a few predictions still outstanding. The Supreme Court is due to rule on Fisher v Texas sometime this year, so I'm going to expect at least 1 more vindication this year.

Predictions Outstanding: 3 (Marissa Meyer, Fisher v Texas, Michael Dell)

Predictions Vindicated: 2 (2012 Presidential election, this)

Predictions Erroneous: 1 (Romney Veepstakes)

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