Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knowledge is Power

In lieu of a real blog post today, I'm going to have to resort to a link dump. Before you click away to another website, let met say that this particular link dump is extremely useful if you're a stat nerd. If you read all those statistics about unemployment, income, taxes, Federal spending, the national debt and wonder what the real numbers are...just check out the following:

1. Major Foreign Holders of US Debt

2. The US Federal Budget, Fiscal Years 1996 - 2013

3. 2011 Personal Wage Income Statistics (Warning: Very eye opening)

4. The IRS compendium of tax statistics

5. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment statistics

6. Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Report

These are the numbers, straight from the Federal government absent any political spin, bias, or prejudice. You can go through the data and draw up your own conclusions. Or you can wait until I write up a new post that goes over one of these areas. Your choice.

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