Friday, April 5, 2013

Inside the Yuppie Bubble

Bill Maher used to do this segment on his show called "Inside the Bubble" where he shows a video of some Republican politician saying something cringeworthy. But this article highlights the bubble that progressives live in.

Matt Yglesias, an extraordinarily naive economics writer for Slate, marvels at a newly opened Walgreens in DC. The stuff he writes about is fairly embarrassing. Here's an example.

His words: "futuristic soda machine"
For those of us living in 2010, when Coca-Cola first rolled out their Freestyle machines (in fast food and fast casual restaurants), this would not be a cause for wonder. But mainly he's struck by the fact that they have a decent selection and a different layout than what he's used to (CVS).

His article is titled "I Have Seen the Future of Retail". And this is perhaps the best example of the liberal yuppie bubble. These writers cloister themselves into fauxhemian enclaves in urban hotspots like New York, DC, San Francisco and put up with all of the inconveniences in order to live closer to other urban yuppies. And then they marvel why the rest of the country doesn't want to live, think, and act like them.

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  1. "Matt Yglesias, an extraordinarily naive economics writer for Slate"

    I quote Scott Sumner when I say that Matt Yglesias is a top 5 economics blogger.