Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Need You Guys to Stomp On My Mind Grapes

Lately I haven't had much inspiration on what to write about. So help me out. Leave a comment below on what you think I should cover.

Sigh...season 2 of the Newsroom can't get here fast enough. At least Real Time returns this Friday.


  1. I would like to hear your views on the whole medical/recreational marijuana legalization/decriminalization issue, especially since there seems to be such a disconnect between state and local governments that seem to be leaning towards legalizing at least medical marijuana, and the feds, who have ramped up enforcement of late, as reported here:

  2. I wouldn't mind hearing your 2 cents on gun control. For sure that is gonna be a topic on Real Time.

  3. I want to hear why you don't believe in demand driven recessions.

  4. What's your position on space exploration, and what would be your policy directions on this if you were running things? Do you think we should return to pursuing manned missions in spite of the public's queasiness on the matter of risking human life? (The simplest example is that certainly many people would step up to be the first on Mars, even if it were incredibly risky.)