Friday, July 20, 2012

The People Who Listen to Rush Limbaugh

Okay, this post has to be short and sweet because I'm exhausted and I just can't muster up the time and effort to bring you the hard hitting stuff you've come to expect from me day in and day out. I'm at the point where my writing style is so sloppy that this could easily be a waste of time. But I promised myself that I would at least have one post a day so here goes.

Who actually listens to Rush Limbaugh? He has the most popular radio talk show in the United States but I've never had a friend or colleague or anybody who even gave a hint that they listen to the guy. I'm starting to believe that this is really all just a lie, and that Rush Limbaugh is actually a Big Brotheresque creation of a faction of political media that they use to trot out and show how stupid and ignorant that people of a certain political persuasion can be for listening to this clown.

Now, I'm not stupid. I know that I cloister myself among people of the middle and upper middle class and that most of Rush Limbaugh's listeners live and work in vastly different places than people like me. But at the same time, I'm having massive cognitive dissonance.

The people that I talk to, hang out, and work with, are, for the most part, reasonably intelligent people. At the same time, I know that there's this gigantic portion of the population that is so mind numbingly stupid that it makes me fear for the future of this country, and yet I've never really met them in real life. I mean, really met them. They might have served me food or towed my car or something else along those lines (yes, I realize how horrible this sounds), but I never stop and talk to them.

Normally I would then expound on how isolated the highest quintile of Americans are from the rest of the country and how this is a problem, but I'm just too tired. But I'm gonna leave with this: we (and when I use "we" this time, I really am including myself among the group) are doing ourselves a massive disfavor by only associating with people in our same socioeconomic group.

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