Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Quick Hit

An excellent interview appeared in the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal today. And I think it's a much needed reminder that two intelligent people can look at the same problem and develop two different conclusions.

I encounter this problem occasionally when I hang out with some of my more liberal minded friends. Many times I'm introduced as their "Republican" friend even though I'm not a Republican or even a conservative. I'm a libertarian. But most people's political ideology have a hard time fitting libertarianism into the traditional left-center-right political spectrum.

In my mind, most people who avidly follow politics are severely Catholic in the sense that, as mentioned in the interview, "politics is more like religion than like shopping". A person can't pick and choose issues that they like. They have to buy into the whole ideology or else they are a political opponent.

It's unfortunate that the current state of politics is like that, and I suspect that it's always been that since the founding of the Republic.

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